13 35 068 Zosterops maderaspatanus maderaspatanus
Malagasy White-eye (Zosterops maderaspatanus)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Zosteropidae
Genus Zosterops

Zosterops (meaning "eye-girdle") is a genus of passerines containing typical white-eyes. They are traditionally placed in the white-eye family, Zosteropidae, which, however, is now considered part of the Timaliidae.

This genus has the highest number of species among the white-eyes by far. They occur in the Afrotropic ecoregion, the Indomalaya zone, and the Australasia ecozone. Typical white-eyes can reach a length between 8 and 15 cm. Their most characteristic feature is the conspicuous white-feather ring around the eye, though some species lack it. The species in this group vary in the structural adaptations of the tongue


A review of new DNA sequence data (Jønsson & Fjeldså 2006) suggests the genus might not be monophyletic. Few species have been researched, however, with the highest density of sampled taxa being from Micronesia. There, it appears, a more distinct eastern lineage and a western one closer to East Asian species occur. The relationships of the former to the Rukia white-eyes need investigation.

It contains the following species:

Abyssinian White-eye (Guérin-Méneville, 1843) (Zosterops abyssinicus)
White-chested White-eye (Gould, 1837) (Zosterops albogularis)
Black-ringed White-eye (Meyer & Wiglesworth, 1896) (Zosterops anomalus)
Black-capped White-eye (Salvadori, 1879) (Zosterops atricapilla) (formerly atricapillus)
Cream-throated White-eye (Gray, 1860) (Zosterops atriceps)
Black-crowned White-eye (Ogilvie-Grant, 1910) (Zosterops atrifrons)
 Sulawesi Black-crowned White-eye (Zosterops (atrifrons) subatrifrons)
Réunion Grey White-eye (JR Forster, 1781) (Zosterops borbonicus)
Fernando Po Speirops (Salvadori, 1903) (Zosterops brunneus)
Buru White-eye (Salvadori, 1878) (Zosterops buruensis)
Sri Lanka White-eye (Holdsworth, 1872) (Zosterops ceylonensis)
Kosrae White-eye (Kittlitz, 1832) (Zosterops cinereus)
Ashy-bellied White-eye (Bonaparte, 1850) (Zosterops citrinella) (formerly citrinellus)
Lemon-bellied White-eye (Bonaparte, 1850) (Zosterops chloris)
Mauritius Olive White-eye (Vieillot, 1817) (Zosterops chloronothos)
Bridled White-eye (Kittlitz, 1832) (Zosterops conspicillatus) (possibly poly- or paraphyletic)
Pale-bellied White-eye (Meyer, 1904) (Zosterops consobrinorum)
Chestnut-flanked White-eye (Swinhoe, 1863) (Zosterops erythropleurus)
Everett's White-eye (Tweeddale, 1878) (Zosterops everetti)
Fiji White-eye (Layard, 1875) (Zosterops explorator)
São Tomé White-eye (Salvadori, 1901) (Zosterops feae)
Príncipe White-eye (Hartlaub, 1866) (Zosterops ficedulinus)
Dusky White-eye (Hartlaub, 1868) (Zosterops finschii)
Vanuatu White-eye (Gmelin, 1789) (Zosterops flavifrons)
Javan White-eye (Horsfield, 1821) (Zosterops flavus)
Capped White-eye (Salvadori, 1875) (Zosterops fuscicapilla) (formerly fuscicapillus)
Vanikoro White-eye (Dutson, 2008) (Zosterops gibbsi)
Pearl-bellied White-eye (Wallace, 1864) (Zosterops grayi)
Louisiade White-eye (Gray, 1858) (Zosterops griseotinctus)
Annobón White-eye (Barboza du Bocage, 1893) (Zosterops griseovirescens)
Plain White-eye (Hartlaub & Finsch, 1872) (Zosterops hypolais)
Bismarck White-eye (Salvadori, 1881) (Zosterops hypoxanthus)
Large Lifou White-eye (Layard, 1878) (Zosterops inornatus)
Japanese White-eye (Temminck & Schlegel, 1847) (Zosterops japonicus)
Kirk's White-eye (Shelley, 1880) (Zosterops kirki)
Ambon White-eye (Hartert, 1906) (Zosterops kuehni)
Solomons White-eye (Rothschild & Hartert, 1901) (Zosterops kulambangrae)
Silvereye (Latham, 1801) (Zosterops lateralis)
 Lord Howe Silvereye (Zosterops (lateralis) tephropleurus) (formerly tephropleurus)
Príncipe Speirops (Hartlaub, 1857) (Zosterops leucophoeus)
Black-capped Speirops (Hartlaub, 1848) (Zosterops lugubris)
Gizo White-eye (Hartlaub, 1904) (Zosterops luteirostris)
Canary White-eye (Gould, 1843) (Zosterops luteus)
Malagasy White-eye (Linnaeus, 1766) (Zosterops maderaspatanus)
Mauritius Grey White-eye (JF Gmelin, 1789) (Zosterops mauritianus)
Mayotte White-eye (Schlegel, 1866) (Zosterops mayottensis)
Tagula White-eye (Hartert, 1898) (Zosterops meeki)
Mount Cameroon Speirops (Gray, 1862) (Zosterops melanocephalus)
Yellow-throated White-eye (Tristram, 1894) (Zosterops metcalfii)
Lowland White-eye (Bonaparte, 1850) (Zosterops meyeni)
Black-fronted White-eye (Meyer, 1874) (Zosterops minor) (sometimes included in atrifrons)
Small Lifou White-eye (Layard, 1878) (Zosterops minutus)
Seychelles White-eye (E. Newton, 1867) (Zosterops modestus)
Mountain White-eye (Bonaparte, 1850) (Zosterops montanus)
Karthala White-eye (Milne-Edwards & Oustalet, 1885) (Zosterops mouroniensis)
Kolombangara White-eye (Hartert, 1929) (Zosterops murphyi)
Biak White-eye (Meyer, 1874) (Zosterops mysorensis)
Christmas White-eye (Lister, 1889) (Zosterops natalis)
Sangihe White-eye (Blasius, 1888) (Zosterops nehrkorni) (formerly in atrifrons)
Papuan White-eye (Salvadori, 1878) (Zosterops novaeguineae)
Yellowish White-eye (Tweeddale, 1878) (Zosterops nigrorum)
Olive-colored White-eye (Hartlaub & Finsch, 1872) (Zosterops oleagineus) (sometimes placed in Rukia, as R. oleaginea)
Réunion Olive White-eye (Linnaeus, 1766) (Zosterops olivaceus)
Orange River White-eye (Swainson, 1838) (Zosterops pallidus)
Oriental White-eye (Temminck, 1824) (Zosterops palpebrosus)
Montane White-eye (Heuglin, 1861) (Zosterops poliogastrus) (formerly poliogaster)
 Kulal White-eye (Zosterops (poliogastrus) kulalensis)
 Taita White-eye (Zosterops (poliogastrus) silvanus)
 South Pare White-eye (Zosterops (poliogastrus) winifredae)
 Kikuyu White-eye (Zosterops (poliogastrus) kikuyuensis)
 Mbulu White-eye (Zosterops (poliogastrus) mbuluensis)
Grey-brown White-eye (Finsch, 1876) (Zosterops ponapensis)
Grey-throated White-eye (Tristram, 1882) (Zosterops rendovae)
Rennell White-eye (Murphy, 1929) (Zosterops rennellianus)
Rota White-eye (Taka-Tsukasa & Yamashina, 1931) (Zosterops rotensis) (formerly in conspicillatus)
Enggano White-eye (Meyer & Wiglesworth, 1894) (Zosterops salvadorii)
Samoan White-eye (Murphy & Mathews, 1929) (Zosterops samoensis)
Santa Cruz White-eye (Tristram, 1894) (Zosterops santaecrucis)
†Marianne White-eye (E. Newton, 1867) (Zosterops semiflavus)
Citrine White-eye (Hartlaub, 1868) (Zosterops semperi)
African Yellow White-eye (Bonaparte, 1850) (Zosterops senegalensis)
Togian White-eye (Indrawan, Rasmussen, and Sunarto, 2008) (Zosterops somadikartai)
Ranongga White-eye (Hartlaub, 1929) (Zosterops splendidus)
Wangi Wangi White-eye (2003) (Zosterops sp.)
Seram White-eye (Ogilvie-Grant, 1910) (Zosterops stalkeri) (formerly in atrifrons)
Forest White-eye (Reichenow, 1892) (Zosterops stenocricotus)
†Robust White-eye (Gould, 1855) (Zosterops strenuus) (formerly strenua
Malaita White-eye (Mayr, 1931) (Zosterops stresemanni)
Slender-billed White-eye (Gould, 1837) (Zosterops tenuirostris)
Dark-eyed White-eye (Murphy, 1929) (Zosterops tetiparius)
Green-backed White-eye (Gray, 1859) (Zosterops xanthochroa) (formerly xanthochrous)
Golden-bellied White-eye (Salvadori, 1874) (Zosterops uropygialis)
Pemba White-eye (Bannerman, 1924) (Zosterops vaughani)
Vella Lavella White-eye (Hartert, 1908) (Zosterops vellalavella)
Cape White-eye (Sundevall, 1850) (Zosterops virens)
Yellow-ringed White-eye (Finsch, 1901) (Zosterops wallacei)
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