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Whiskered Yuhina (Yuhina flavicollis)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Zosteropidae
Genus Yuhina

Yuhina (from yuhin, Nepali for Y. gularis) is a genus of white-eyes which is placed in the Zosteropidae family by recent molecular phylogeny studies or included within the Old World babbler Timaliidae family.


It contains the following species:

White-naped Yuhina (Rothschild, 1926) (Yuhina bakeri)
Taiwan Yuhina (Ogilvie-Grant, 1906) (Yuhina brunneiceps)
Striated Yuhina (Moore, 1854) (Yuhina castaniceps)
White-collared Yuhina (Verreaux, 1869) (Yuhina diademata)
Chestnut-crested Yuhina (Sharpe, 1887) (Yuhina everetti)
Whiskered Yuhina (Hodgson, 1836) (Yuhina flavicollis)
Stripe-throated Yuhina (Hodgson, 1836) (Yuhina gularis)
Burmese Yuhina (Hume, 1877) (Yuhina humilis)
Black-chinned Yuhina (Blyth, 1845) (Yuhina nigrimenta)
Rufous-vented Yuhina (Hodgson, 1836) (Yuhina occipitalis)
Indochinese Yuhina (Swinhoe, 1870) (Yuhina torqueola)

The white-bellied yuhina (Erpornis zantholeuca) was formerly in this genus.

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