Wasps are a form of insects. It includes parasitic wasps, but also ants and bees. They are smarter than other insects, having more complex brains. This may be linked to the fact that they place their larvae in protected environments where they do not have to be cautious against predation, see brain (the section "Does size really matter?") and self-organization. Wasp intelligence with their small brains adds even more evidence that thinking is fundamentally different from computation.

The time to self-correct without being interrupted the larvae gets can also explain how male wasps survive with only one set of chromosomes, by allowing better consequence-to-genome feedback as shown in self-organization. Since even mating an individual with its identical twin would, according to random recombination theory, give a 50% back up, lack of back up is twice as severe as that, meaning four times as severe as inbreeding between fraternal twins or siblings. Their survival in environments protecting against stress allowing them to mend defects that should theoretically belethal resembles the discovery that fast remissions from lethal diseases are linked to breaking up from everyday stress.

The theories can be tested by taking eggs of other insects, such as fruit flies, and placing them in similarily protected environments throughout their egg, larva and pupp stages, and later testing their cognition, examine their brains (and breathing trachea) and save their tissues to screen for epigenetic change, DNA aneuploidies and DNA repairing enzyme levels. Also examine if they pass it on to later generations. If you have done such an experiment, please write the results here on this wiki.

Another test for the theory of unfertilized survival is to stress developing wasps (eggs, larvae and pupps) to see if males die more easily from stress than females, which they according to this theory should do. The theory also predicts that surviving stressed wasps should have more harmful mutations and simpler brains.

It is true that termites have not evolved into wasps despite living in hives, but termites have no larva and pupp stages. Hatchling termites start working directly. This does not give them much time to mend defects in peace.

Known wasps

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