aka Lazy Panda, Screamy Panda

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  • I live in the bamboo forest
  • My occupation is eating, sleeping, and repeating!
  • I am lazy and the most awesome panda ever to exist. Gender wise, a female. I also love cringe but am cringe intolerant.
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I feel like life is really meh. I spend my time trying to make life better. The only thing that makes life interesting are animals (pandas especially)!


I have black eye circles since I don't sleep enough.


I live on my bed or up a tree.

Life History


I eat lots of food every day, especially bamboo dogs (bamboo hot dogs).


I am lazy, always bored, and always hungry.

Panda Flutists


  • I don't have anything interesting about myself, except that I play the flute.
  • I do not understand guys *facepalm.*
Lazy Giant Panda

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