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Grizzly-bear 566 600x450
A Grizzly Bear
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Ursidae
Genus Ursus

Ursus is a genus from Ursidae family in the Carnivora order. The name is derived from the Latin ursus, meaning bear. It is includes the widely distributed brown bears, the polar bear, and black bears.A hybrid between grizzly bears and polar bears has also been recorded (known commonly as a pizzly, prizzly or grolar bear). The official name is a grizzly–polar bear hybrid. It is a rare ursid hybrid that has occurred both in captivity and in the wild. In 2006, the occurrence of this hybrid in nature was confirmed by testing the DNA of a strange-looking bear that had been shot near Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories on Banks Island in the Canadian Arctic.With many suspected sightings and three confirmed cases, theories of how such hybrids might naturally occur have become more than hypothetical. Although these two species are genetically similar and often found in the same territories, they tend to avoid each other in the wild


Ursus abstrusus
American Black Bear (Pallas, 1780) (Ursus americanus) 
 Olympic Black Bear (Elliot, 1903) (Ursus americanus altifrontalis)
 New Mexico Black Bear (Baird, 1859) (Ursus americanus amblyceps)
 Ursus americanus americanus, Eastern black bear
 Ursus americanus californiensis, California black bear
 Ursus americanus carlottae, Haida Gwaii black bear-Queen Charlotte black bear
 Ursus americanus cinnamomum, cinnamon bear
 Ursus americanus emmonsii, Glacier bear
 Ursus americanus eremicus, Mexican black bear
 Ursus americanus floridanus, Florida black bear
 Ursus americanus hamiltoni, Newfoundland black bear
 Ursus americanus kermodei, Kermode bear or spirit bear
 Ursus americanus luteolus, Louisiana black bear
 Ursus americanus machetes, West Mexico black bear
 Ursus americanus perniger, Kenai black bear
 Ursus americanus pugnax, Dall black bear
 Ursus americanus vancouveri, Vancouver Island black bear
Ursus arctos, Brown Bear
 Ursus arctos arctos, Eurasian-European brown bear
 Ursus arctos alascensis
 Ursus arctos beringianus, Kamchatka brown bear or Far Eastern brown bear
 † Ursus arctos californicus, California Golden Bear
 † Ursus arctos crowtheri, Atlas Bear
 † Ursus arctos dalli
 Ursus arctos gobiensis, Gobi Bear 
 Ursus arctos horribilis, Grizzly Bear 
 Ursus arctos isabellinus, Himalayan brown bear-Himalayan red bear
 Ursus arctos lasiotus, Ussuri brown bear or black grizzly
 Ursus arctos middendorffi, Kodiak bear
 † Ursus arctos nelsoni, Mexican grizzly bear
 Ursus arctos piscator, Bergman's bear 
 Ursus arctos pruinosus, Tibetan Blue Bear-Tibetan bear-Himalayan blue bear
 Ursus arctos sitkensis
 Ursus arctos syriacus Syrian (brown) bear
† Ursus deningeri
† Ursus etruscus
† Ursus inopinatus, MacFarlane's bear
† Ursus minimus
Ursus maritimus, Polar Bear
 Ursus maritimus maritimus
 † Ursus maritimus tyrannus, Early Polar Bear
† Ursus rossicus
† Ursus sackdillingensis
† Ursus spelaeus, Cave Bear
Ursus thibetanus, Asian Black Bear
 Ursus thibetanus formosanus, Formosan black bear
 Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus
 Ursus thibetanus japonicus
 Ursus thibetanus laniger
 Ursus thibetanus mupinensis
 Ursus thibetanus thibetanus
 Ursus thibetanus ussuricus