Turbo petholatus
A turbo snail cleaning the glass of a aquarium.
Common Name Turbo Snail, Turbo, Turban Snail, Mexican Turbo Snail, Top Snail.
Range Mexico
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Genus Turbo
Turbo petholatus (common names: Turbo Snail, Turbo, Mexican Turbo Snail and more), Is a species of aquatic snail found in Mexico. It is commonly kept in aquariums to clean them.

Human Uses

  • They are kept in aquariums as a common cleanup crew.
  • The shells of Turbo Snails are given to pet hermit crabs (Purple Pincher Hermit Crabs), That's they favorite type of shells.
  • Some species of Turbo snails are eaten in Korea and Japan.
  • Turbo snail's shells are used as jewelry.
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