Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Scandentia
Family Tupaiidae
Genus Tupaia

Tupaia is a genus of treeshrew in the Tupaiidae family. The family and genus names derive from "tupai", the Malay word for treeshrew and also for squirrel, which Tupaiidae superficially resemble.

The genus was first described by Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1821, as having an elongated snout, 8 to 10 incisors, well developed limbs, five-toed naked feet, and the sole furnished with projecting pads and sharp claws, with a habit and tail of a squirrel.

When Diard and Duvaucel described the first specimen of the common treeshrew in 1820, they considered it a species of Sorex.


Subsequent to Raffles's description of the genus, the following Tupaia species were described:

Northern Treeshrew (Wagner, 1841) (Tupaia belangeri)
Golden-bellied Treeshrew (Miller, 1903) (Tupaia chrysogaster)
Striped Treeshrew (Schlegel, 1857) (Tupaia dorsalis)
Common Treeshrew (Diard & Duvaucel, 1820) (Tupaia glis)
Slender Treeshrew (Thomas, 1893) (Tupaia gracilis)
Horsfield's Treeshrew (Horsfield, 1822) (Tupaia javanica)
Long-footed Treeshrew (Thomas, 1893) (Tupaia longipes)
Pygmy Treeshrew (Günther, 1876) (Tupaia minor)
†Tupaia miocenica (Mein and Ginsburg, 1997)
Calamian Treeshrew (Matschie, 1898) (Tupaia möllendorffi)
Mountain Treeshrew (Thomas, 1892) (Tupaia montana)
Nicobar Treeshrew (Zelebor, 1868) (Tupaia nicobarica)
Palawan Treeshrew (Thomas, 1894) (Tupaia palawanensis)
Painted Treeshrew (Thomas, 1892) (Tupaia picta)
Ruddy Treeshrew (Gray, 1865) (Tupaia splendidula)
Large Treeshrew (Raffles, 1821) (Tupaia tana)
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