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Leaser Mouse-deer
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Tragulidae
Genus Tragulus

Tragulus is a genus of even-toed ungulates in the Tragulidae family that are known as mouse-deer. Tragos refers to a goat in Greek, while –ulus in Latin means 'tiny'. With a weight of 0.7–8.0 kg (1.5–18 lb) and a length of 40–75 cm (16–30 in), they are the smallest ungulates in the world, though the largest species of mouse-deer surpass some species of Neotragus antelopes in size. The mouse-deer are restricted to Southeast Asia from far southern China (south Yunnan) to the Philippines (Balabac) and Java. Following recent taxonomic changes, several of the species in this genus are poorly known, but all are believed to be mainly nocturnal and feed on leaves, fruits, grasses, and other vegetation in the dense forest undergrowth. They are solitary or live in pairs, and the males have elongated canine teeth (neither gender has horns) that are used in fights. Unlike other members of their family, the Tragulus mouse-deer lack obvious pale stripes/spots on their upper parts.


Traditionally, only two species of mouse-deer in the genus Tragulus have been recognized: The relatively large T. napu and the small T. javanicus. Following a review in 2004, T. nigricans and T. versicolor were split from T. napu, and T. kanchil and T. williamsoni was split from T. javanicus. With these changes, T. kanchil and T. napu are the most widespread species, while the remaining have far smaller distributions (though some uncertainty over the exact distribution limits of the various species in Indochina remain).

Java Mouse-deer, Tragulus javanicus
Lesser Mouse-deer, Tragulus kanchi
Greater Mouse-deer, Tragulus napu
Philippine Mouse-deer, Tragulus nigricans
Vietnam Mouse-deer, Tragulus versicolor
Williamson's Mouse-deer, Tragulus williamsoni