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Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Suidae

Suidae is a family from the Artiodactyla order.


They are small to medium animals, varying in size from 58 to 66 cm (23 to 26 in) in length, and 6 to 9 kg (13 to 20 lb) in weight in the case of the Pygmy Hog, to 130–210 cm (4–7 ft) and 130–275 kg (300–600 lb) in the Giant Forest Hog. They have large heads and short necks, with relatively small eyes and prominent ears. Their heads have a distinctive snout, ending in a disc-shaped nose. Suids typically have a bristly coat, and a short tail ending in a tassle.

Behaviour and reproduction[]

Despite their apparently "primitive" anatomy, suids are intelligent and adaptable animals. Adult females (sows) and their young travel in a group, while adult males (boars) are either solitary, or travel in small bachelor groups. Males generally are not territorial, and come into conflict only during the mating season. Litter size varies between one and twelve, depending on the species. The mother prepares a grass nest or similar den, which the young leave after about ten days. Suids are weaned at around three months, and become sexually mature at 18 months. In practice, however, male suids are unlikely to gain access to sows in the wild until they have reached their full physical size, at around four years of age. In all species, the male is significantly larger than the female, and possesses more prominent tusks.


Family Suidae

Subfamily †Cainochoerinae
  Genus †Albanohyus
  Genus †Cainochoerus
Subfamily †Hyotheriinae
  Genus †Aureliachoerus
  Genus †Chicochoerus
  Genus †Hyotherium
  Genus †Nguruwe  
  Genus †Xenohyus
Subfamily †Listriodontinae
 Tribe †Kubanochoerini
  Genus †Kubanochoerus 
 Tribe †Listriodontini
  Genus †Eurolistriodon
  Genus †Listriodon 
 Tribe †Namachoerini
  Genus †Lopholistriodon
  Genus †Namachoerus
 Tribe incertae sedis
  Genus †Dicoryphochoerus
Subfamily Suinae
 Tribe Babyrousini
  Genus Babyrousa 
   Babyrousa babyrussa, Golden Babirusa
   †Babyrousa bolabatuensis
   Babyrousa celebensis, Sulawesi Babirusa
   Babyrousa togeanensis, Togian Babirusa
 Tribe †Hippohyini
  Genus †Hippohyus
  Genus †Sinohyus 
  Genus †Sivahyus 
 Tribe Potamochoerini
  Genus †Celebochoerus
  Genus Hylochoerus 
    Hylochoerus meinertzhageni, Giant Forest Hog
  Genus †Kolpochoerus 
  Genus Potamochoerus 
   Potamochoerus larvatus, Bushpig
   Potamochoerus porcus, Red River Hog
  Genus †Propotamochoerus 
 Tribe Suini
  Genus †Eumaiochoerus 
  Genus †Hippopotamodon 
  Genus †Korynochoerus 
  Genus †Microstonyx 
  Genus Sus 
   Sus ahoenobarbus, Palawan bearded pig
   Sus barbatus, Bornean Bearded Pig
   Sus bucculentus, Vietnamese Warty Pig
   Sus cebifrons, Visayan Warty Pig
   Sus celebensis, Celebes Warty Pig
   Sus heureni, Flores Warty Pig
   Sus oliveri, Mindoro Warty Pig
   Sus philippensis, Philippine Warty Pig
   Sus scrofa (S. domesticus), Domestic pig, wild Boar
   Sus verrucosus, Javan Warty Pig
   †Sus strozzi
 Tribe Phacochoerini
  Genus †Metridiochoerus 
  Genus Phacochoerus
   Phacochoerus aethiopicus, Cape, Somali or Desert Warthog
   Phacochoerus africanus, Common Warthog
  Genus †Potamochoeroides 
  Genus †Stylochoerus 
 Tribe incertae sedis
  Genus Porcula
   Porcula salvania, Pygmy Hog
Subfamily †Tetraconodontinae
  Genus †Conohyus
  Genus †Notochoerus
  Genus †Nyanzachoerus
  Genus †Parachleuastochoerus
  Genus †Sivachoerus
  Genus †Tetraconodon
   †Tetraconodon intermedius
   †Tetraconodon malensis 
   †Tetraconodon minor
Subfamily incertae sedis
  Genus †Chleuastochoerus
  Genus †Hemichoerus
  Genus †Hyosus
  Genus †Kenyasus
  Genus †Schizochoerus
  Genus †Sinapriculus