St Lucia Racer

One of the world’s rarest snakes, the Saint Lucia racer is clinging to a precarious existence on the tiny Caribbean island of St Lucia.


The relatively small, non-venomous snake, the St Lucia racer is distinguished by a comparatively short tail, and a stripe of dark brown that runs from the neck to the tip of the tail. Otherwise the body is a light brown, fading to olive whilst moulting, with a yellowish white on the undersides. A black band sits behind the large eyes, while the blackened pointed snout has a scattering of yellow streaks. In common with some other snakes, the two halves of the lower jaw are not connected, an adaptation that allows the Saint Lucia racer to swallow large food items.


It has actually been named the worlds rarest snake. However these snakes are not common at all so you have nothing to worry about! These snakes are critically endangered.

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