Spanish Sparrow
Range Mediterranean areas
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Passeridae
Genus Passer
Species Passer hispaniolensis
Conservation Status
The Spanish sparrow (passer hyspaniolensis) is a small passerine bird that is closely related to the House sparrow and to the Italian sparrow.


Spanish sparrow female


It is similar to House and Italian sparrows, but the male has heavy streaked underparts and a white supercilium. The crown is brown as in Italian sparrow and in Tree sparrow. The female is almost identical to the House sparrow and Italian sparrow's, but has heavier bill and sometimes light-brown streaked underparts.


The Spanish sparrow's beak is heavier than the House sparrow's, so this bird can crush heavier seeds. The Spanish sparrow also eats small insects and feeds its chicks with them. Spanish sparrow's vocalizations are similar to th House and Italian sparrow's, but have a more metallic tone.

Distribution and Habitat

The Spanish Sparrow lives in the Mediterranean region and in South-west Asia. In some zones, it is possible to find Spanish sparrow-Italian sparrows hybrids.

Spanish sparrows nest in the bushes of the Mediterranean maquis but are often found in small towns.

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