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Slick was a male California sea lion at Oceans of Fun at Milwaukee County Zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was born in May 1986. On March 10, 2017, Slick died at the age of 30.

Slick was the oldest male California sea lion in human care.  In the wild, male sea lions live on average 8-10 years. Tripling that life span at Oceans of Fun, Slick was an ambassador for his wild counterparts, touching thousands of hearts and educating Milwaukee patrons about marine mammal conservation. Slick was the dominant male at Oceans of Fun and a favorite among guests at the Milwaukee County Zoo. During his life, Slick sired 8 beautiful pups.

At Oceans of Fun, Slick was a loved member of the pinniped family. Slick had an affinity for people, often choosing to hang out with his trainers for daily back rubs and affection. He could always be counted on to bring smiles and kisses into his trainer's days. He taught many trainers throughout his years and impacted all of his trainers positively every day.. He will be greatly missed and forever remembered.



Birthday-May 1986

Date of Death-3/10/17

Place of Death-Oceans of Fun

Cause of Death-unknown


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