Sivatherium is a genus of large animal related to the giraffe subspecies of the savanna and the okapi of the rainforest, that lived in Africa & India during the late Pliocene to the early Holocene. It went extinct because humans hunted them and their dogs spread a virus in the animal.


They looked like a weird giraffe with antlers & a shorter neck in fact there look more like an okapi. A full grown adult would be 2.2 meters tall at the shoulder.


Sivatherium maybe behaved like a giraffe does. It lived in a big herd which protected itself and its family and friends, but if that didn't work, it could use its back legs to kick predators in their face.


This extinct giraffe cousin proably had similar diets to a modern okapi. Sivatherium would’ve had a long tongue like okapis & giraffes do. It used it to pull leaves off thorny bushes to avoid touching the thorns.


Needs Information.



  • Sivatherium is a cousin of its smaller cousin, Bramatherium.
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