Sheeba is a 13-year-old female cheetah that lives at Australia Zoo.

She was born on November 9, 2004 at Monarto Zoo in South Australia and arrived at Australia Zoo when she was three months old.

Sheeba is a beautiful cheetah, both in looks and personality. She has dark eyes, a thick coat, and unbroken tear marks. She absolutely loves her food! She will try to eat absolutely anything and wolfs her food down, sometimes without stopping to chew. Once she is full, she will lie on her side, showing off her big, full belly, and give a huge sigh of satisfaction before drifting off to sleep. When she was younger, Sheeba even fell asleep whilst chewing on a bone.

When Sheeba first arrived at the Zoo, she was timid and nervous of new situations and new people. She also shied away from male handlers and much preferred contact with female staff. 

Sheeba has gradually grown into a confident young lady, leading her handlers on her zoo walks and even enjoys spending time with her male handlers. She is now a very affectionate cat, and loves to groom the arms and faces of her handlers. However, as her tongue is as rough as sandpaper, kisses from Sheeba can be a bit painful!

Apart from eating, Sheeba loves running around her enclosure during a toy session with her handlers. She also loves motorbikes, and often gets distracted during a training session or on one of her walks around the zoo when she hears or sees one in the distance. Next time you are at Australia Zoo, keep an eye out for this cheeky little girl.

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