Seven Seas is a dolphinarium exhibit at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois as part of the Chicago Zoological Society. Seven Seas was founded in 1960 and the first dolphin show was held in 1961.


Seven Seas is home to eight Atlantic bottlenose dolphins

Name Sex Origin Mother Father Date of Death Origin Location Date of birth
Allie F Born April Merlin Alive Dolphin Connection April 1, 1987
Tapeko F Captured Wild Wild Alive Atlantic Ocean, FL August 31, 1988
Spree F Born Rio Semo Alive Minnesota Zoo August 16, 2002
Noelani F Born Tapeko Lucky Alive Brookfield Zoo October 30, 2003
Kaylee F Born Tapeko Lucky April 3, 2009 Brookfield Zoo 1994
Allison F Born Tapeko Hastings Alive Brookfield Zoo November 3, 2005
Merlin M Born Tapeko Chinook Alive Brookfield Zoo October 16, 2013
Magic M Born Spree Chinook Alive Brookfield Zoo October 28, 2013
Maxine F Born Allie Chinook June 2, 2018 Brookfield Zoo December 16, 2014
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