Sand Cat
Sand cat by lemonsandsparrows-d4k9r3n
Common Name Sand Dune Cat
Range Northern Africa and southwest and central Asia
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
Genus Felis
Species Felis margarita
Conservation Status
Near Threatened

The Sand Cat, also known as the sand dune cat, (Felis margarita), is a species of wild cat and the only felid found primarily in true desert and has a wide but apparently disjunct distribution through the deserts of Northern Africa and southwest and central Asia. Since 2002, The Sand cat has been listed as Near Threatened by IUCN due to concern over potential low population size and decline.

Sand cats are found in both sandy and stony desert, living in areas far from water. Having thickly furred feet, they are well adapted to the extremes of a desert environment and tolerant of extremes of hot and cold temperatures.

Victor Loche first described the sand cat in 1858 from a specimen found in the Sahara. He proposed to name the species in recognition of Jean Auguste Margueritte who headed the expedition into the Sahara.

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