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Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur
Lepilemur sahamalazensis c
Range northwestern Madagascar
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Primates
Family Lepilemuridae
Genus Lepilemur
Species Lepilemur sahamalazensis
(Andriaholinirina, N., Fausser, J., Roos, C., Rumpler, Y., et al., 2006)
Conservation Status
Critically Endangered

The Sahamalaza sportive lemur (Lepilemur sahamalazensis), is a species of sportive lemur endemic to Madagascar. It has a total length of about 51 centimetres (20 in) to 54 centimetres (21 in), of which about 26-27 centimeters are tail. Sahamalaza's sportive lemur is found in northwestern Madagascar, living in subhumid forest and some secondary forests.