Red-moustached Fruit Dove
04 22 245 ptilinopus mercierii mercierii m
Ptilinopus mercierii mercierii
Range French Polynesia
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Columbiformes
Family Columbidae
Genus Ptilinopus
Species Ptilinopus mercierii
Conservation Status

The Red-moustached fruit dove (Ptilinopus mercierii) was an extinct species of dove in the Columbidae family. It was endemic to French Polynesia. The last record was of the subspecies tristrami on Hiva Oa, in 1922. Its extinction has been attributed to predation by the introduced great horned owl (Bubo virginianus), as well as by introduced rats and cats.

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