A prarie is a wide-open space with little to no trees and lots of grass.

African Praries

Praries in Africa have long brown grass with patches of green grass called elephant grasses that will resist the strength of an African Bush Elephant. They also have very short trees for shorter Herbivores like Antelopes and Gazelles to eat off of. Not only do African Praries have very short trees, but they also have tall, thorny ones like acacia trees for taller herbivores like Giraffes to eat from. You may find Termite mounds there. Another feature of an African Prarie that not all see is a watering hole where animals drink.

Animals That Live In African Praries

North American Praries

Praries in North America have short green grass with some hills and no trees. In some places you will find spots with long grass.

Animals That Live In North American Praries

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