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Animal Database
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Didelphimorphia
Family Didelphidae
Genus Philander

Philander or gray and black four-eyed opossums, is a genus of opossums in the Didelphidae family. Mature females have a well-developed marsupium. The tail appears to be hairless except for the proximal (closest to the body) 5 or 6 cm, which has a few long hairs. The tail is slightly longer than the head-and-body length, and it is black for the proximal one half to two thirds of its length. The genus is closely related to Didelphis but the species of Philander are smaller than those of Didelphis. The genus formerly included Metachirus nudicaudatus, but this species lacks a pouch and so is now considered a separate genus. The common name comes from the white spots above the eyes, which can appear from a distance to be another set of eyes.


Anderson's Four-eyed Opossum (Osgood, 1913) (Philander andersoni)
Deltaic Four-eyed Opossum (Lew et al., 2006) (Philander deltae)
Southeastern Four-eyed Opossum (Olfers, 1818) (Philander frenatus)
McIlhenny's Four-eyed Opossum (Gardner & Patton, 1972) (Philander mcilhennyi)
Mondolfi's Four-eyed Opossum (Lew, Pérez-Hernández & Ventura, 2006) (Philander mondolfii)
Olrog's Four-eyed Opossum (Flores, Barquez & Díaz, 2008) (Philander olrogi)
Gray Four-eyed Opossum (Linnaeus, 1758) (Philander opossum)