Longfin Handfish
Range Eastern Indian Ocean, South Australia.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Lophiiformes
Family Brachionichthyidae
Genus Pezichthys
Species P. macropinnis

The Longfin handfish, (Pezichthys macropinnis), is a fish from the family Brachionichthyidae.


Marine; demersal; depth range - 145 m Temperate.


This species is distinct in having the following characters: small esca, 12% of illicium length (including esca); very elongate and slender illicium, without dermal spinules, about 26% SL in length, 1.9 times in head length; head length about 5.4 times snout length; long snout, length 9% SL; eye 6.9 times in head length; robust body, maximum width about 32% SL; interorbit broad, width about 15% SL; scales with subcircular bases, monospinulate or with prominent, strongly diverging bifurcate spinules (except for those closely associated with pores of the acoustico-lateralis system); spinules variable in length over body; dorsal-fin elements mostly lack spinules, membranes of fins naked; first dorsal-fin base about 18% SL; second dorsal-fin rays 15, fin base 63% SL; fin rays very elongate, longest ray of second dorsal fin about 35% SL; length of second dorsal-fin spine 0.9 times length of longest ray of second dorsal fin; anal-fin rays 8; pale body with a network of reddish streaks.


Eastern Indian Ocean, southeastern Australia.

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