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Allied Rock-wallaby (Petrogale assimilis)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Diprotodontia
Family Macropodidae
Genus Petrogale

Petrogale or rock-wallabies, is a genus of wallabies of the genus Petrogale.


The medium-sized, often colourful and extremely agile rock-wallabies live where rocky, rugged and steep terrain can provide daytime refuge. Males are slightly larger than females with a body length of up to 59 cm and a 70 cm long tail.

Rock-wallabies are nocturnal and live a fortress existence spending their days in steep, rocky, complex terrain in some kind of shelter (cave, overhang or vegetation) and ranging out into surrounding terrain at night for feed. The greatest activity occurs three hours before sunrise and after sunset.


Their reliance on refuges leads to the rock-wallabies living in small groups or colonies, with individuals having overlapping home ranges of about 15 hectares each. Within their colonies they seem to be highly territorial with a male’s territory overlapping one or a number of female territories. Even at night the wallabies do not move further than two kilometres from their home refuges.

Generally, there are three categories of habitat that the different species of rock-wallaby seem to prefer:

  • Loose piles of large boulders containing a maze of subterranean holes and passageways
  • Cliffs with many mid-level ledges and caves
  • Isolated rock stacks, usually sheer sided and often girdled with fallen boulders

Suitable habitat is limited and patchy and has led to varying degrees of isolation of colonies and a genetic differentiation specific to these colonies. The rock wallaby height is ranged from 60 cm to 70 cm.


Petrogale brachyotis species-group
 Short-eared Rock-wallaby (Gould, 1841) (Petrogale brachyotis)
 Monjon (Kitchener & Sanson, 1978) (Petrogale burbidgei)
 Nabarlek (Gould, 1842) (Petrogale concinna)
Petrogale xanthopus species-group
 Proserpine Rock-wallaby (Maynes, 1982) (Petrogale persephone)
 Rothschild's Rock-wallaby (Thomas, 1904) (Petrogale rothschildi)
 Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (Gray, 1855) (Petrogale xanthopus)
Petrogale lateralis/penicillata species-group
 Allied Rock-wallaby (Ramsay, 1877) (Petrogale assimilis)
 Cape York Rock-wallaby (Eldridge & Close, 1992) (Petrogale coenensis)
 Godman's Rock-wallaby (Thomas, 1993) (Petrogale godmani)
 Herbert's Rock-wallaby (Thomas, 1926) (Petrogale herberti)
 Unadorned Rock-wallaby (Gould, 1842) (Petrogale inornata)
 Black-flanked Rock-wallaby (Gould, 1842) (Petrogale lateralis)
 Mareeba Rock-wallaby (Eldridge & Close, 1992) (Petrogale mareeba)
 Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby (Gray, 1827) (Petrogale penicillata)
 Purple-necked Rock-wallaby (Le Souef, 1924) (Petrogale purpureicollis)
 Mount Claro Rock-wallaby (Eldridge & Close, 1992) (Petrogale sharmani)