Pelophryne brevipes lateral view
Pelophryne brevipes
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Amphibia
Order Anura
Family Bufonidae
Genus Pelophryne

Pelophryne or flathead toads, is a genus of true toads endemic to Philippines, Borneo, Malaya, Singapore and Hainan Island, China.


Pelophryne albotaeniata (Barbour, 1938) (Palawan Toadlet)
Pelophryne api (Dring, 1984)
Pelophryne brevipes (Peters, 1867) (Zamboanga Flathead Toad)
Pelophryne guentheri (Boulenger, 1882) (Gunther's Flathead Toad)
Pelophryne lighti (Taylor, 1920) (Mindanao Flathead Toad)
Pelophryne linanitensis (Das, 2008)
Pelophryne macrotis (Boulenger, 1882) (Boulenger's Flathead Toad)
Pelophryne misera (Mocquard, 1890) (Black Flathead Toad)
Pelophryne murudensis (Das, 2008)
Pelophryne rhopophilia (Inger & Stuebing, 1996)
Pelophryne signata (Boulenger, 1895) (Saint Andrew's Cross Toadlet)
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