What in the World is a Pangolin? National Geographic

What in the World is a Pangolin? National Geographic

This is a pangolin introduction.

Ground Pangolin

A pangolin on four legs.

Pangolins are little-known animals.  They are mammals, and therefore have live babies and hairs.

Physical Characteristics.

Pangolinshave specialized scales. They overlap like artichoke leaves. They can easily protect the animal. They are 30 -- 100 centimeters (cm) in size. They walk with their arms low to the ground but not touching.

Some species have prehensile tails that allow them to hang from branches. Usually, primates have these tails

Behaviours and Diet

When a predator threatens a pangolin, it rolls into a ball so that everywhere is protected. The predator usually gives up and leaves. These mammals eat mainly ants and termites. They have an extremely long tongue to get their prey. Their tongue, when fully extended, can be 16 in. long.

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