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Eurasian Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Oriolidae
Genus Oriolus

Oriolus is a genus of colorful Old World orioles. They are not related to the New World orioles, which are icterids (family Icteridae) and, belong to the superfamily Passeroidea.

The orioles are a mainly tropical group, although one species (Eurasian golden oriole, Oriolus oriolus) breeds in temperate regions.

Species in Taxonomic Order

The phylogenetic relationships of the genus Oriolus have been well established.

Clade I
 Black-eared Oriole (Quoy & Gaimard, 1830) (Oriolus bouroensis)
 Tanimbar Oriole (PL Sclater, 1883) (Oriolus decipiens)
 Green Oriole (King, 1826) (Oriolus flavocinctus)
 Grey-collared Oriole (Bonaparte, 1850) (Oriolus forsteni)
 Olive-brown Oriole (Bonaparte, 1850) (Oriolus melanotis)
 Dusky-brown Oriole (GR Gray, 1860) (Oriolus phaeochromus)
 Olive-backed Oriole (Latham, 1801) (Oriolus sagittatus)
 Brown Oriole (Madarász, 1900) (Oriolus szalayi)
Clade II
 Western Oriole (Swainson, 1837) (Oriolus brachyrhynchus)
 São Tomé Oriole (Hartlaub, 1857) (Oriolus crassirostris)
 Green-headed Oriole (Shelley, 1896) (Oriolus chlorocephalus)
Clade III
 Black-headed Oriole (Lichtenstein, 1823) (Oriolus larvatus)
 Ethiopian Oriole (Gmelin, 1789) (Oriolus monacha)
 Black-winged Oriole (Verreaux & Verreaux, 1855) (Oriolus nigripennis)
 Mountain Oriole (Ogilvie-Grant, 1903) (Oriolus percivali)
Clade IV
 African Golden Oriole (Vieillot, 1817) (Oriolus auratus)
 Black-naped Oriole (Linnaeus, 1766) (Oriolus chinensis)
 Indian Golden Oriole (Sykes, 1832) (Oriolus kundoo)
 Eurasian Golden Oriole (Linnaeus, 1758) (Oriolus oriolus)
 Slender-billed Oriole (Blyth, 1846) (Oriolus tenuirostris)
Clade V
 Black-and-crimson Oriole (Wagler, 1827) (Oriolus cruentus)
 Black Oriole (Sharpe, 1892) (Oriolus hosii)
 Silver Oriole (Stresemann, 1922) (Oriolus mellianus)
 Maroon Oriole (Vigors, 1832) (Oriolus traillii)
Clade VI
 White-lored Oriole (Ogilvie-Grant, 1894) (Oriolus albiloris)
 Isabela Oriole (Ogilvie-Grant, 1894) (Oriolus isabellae)
 Philippine Oriole (Sharpe, 1877) (Oriolus steerii)
 Dark-throated Oriole (Horsfield, 1821) (Oriolus xanthonotus)
Isolated species
 Black-hooded Oriole (Linnaeus, 1758) (Oriolus xanthornus)
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