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Norway Bullhead
Range Northern Europe
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Syngnathiformes
Family Cottidae
Genus Micrenophrys
Species M. lilljeborgii

The Norway bullhead, (Micrenophrys lilljeborgii), is a coastal fish of the family Cottidae, found in Northern Europe.


The Norway bullhead is a small fish that only grows to 7.4 cm in length. It has a row of bony knobs above the rough lateral line.

It feeds on small crustaceans (amphipods, decapods) and fishes. It spawns in early spring, laying demersal eggs, in clumps on bottom, diameter 2 mm. Larvae are pelagic. A population of Norway bullhead is capable of doubling its numbers in under 15 months.


It is found on hard sea bottoms (gravel or shells) or among seaweeds, in cold areas – even with temperatures below 0°C. It feeds on small fish, amphipods and other crustaceans.