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Northern Cassowary
Northern Cassowary
Common Name Single (One)-wattled Cassowary and Gold(en)-neck(ed) Cassowary
Range New Guinea
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Casuariiformes
Family Casuariidae
Genus Casuarius
Species Casuarius unappendiculatus
Conservation Status

The Northern cassowary (Casuarius unappendiculatus), is a species from the Casuarius genus. The word "cassowary" comes from Malay kasuari meaning "cassowary". It is endemic in New Guinea. Also known as the Single (One)-wattled Cassowary or Gold(en)-neck(ed) Cassowary, is a large, stocky flightless bird.


Edward Blyth first identified the Northern Cassowary from a specimen from an aviary located in Calcutta, India., in 1860. The genus name Casuarius is derived from the Malay word kesuari "cassowary", while the species name unappendiculatus refers to the species' single wattle. Officially, there are no subspecies, though some authors list several subspecies.

Range and habitat[]

The Northern Cassowary is distributed and endemic to coastal swamp and lowland rainforests of northern New Guinea and the islands of Yapen, Batanta and Salawati. They prefer elevations below 490 m (1,610 ft).


It has a black plumage all the way to its main body, blue facial skin and black casque on its head. It has yellow colored neck and wattle. It's legs has a dagger-like claw on tis inner toe.


As with other cassowaries, it is a shy and solitary bird. They make grunting and hissing sounds, like other cassowaries.


It feeds mainly on Insects, Grass and Fungi.


Breeding season matches the time of year when fruit is most abundant in the bird's rain forest home: June to October. The polygamous female lays three to five green eggs on a well camouflaged nest prepared by the male, she leaves the nest and eggs to find another mate. The male raises the chicks alone for about nine months.


An average Northern Cassowary lives for about 40 - 60 years.


  • It is considered the most dangerous bird, attacking with its dagger-like claws, it can create lethal blows with its feet.