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Hoplophoneus primaevus skeleton
Hoplophoneus primaevus skeleton
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family †Nimravidae

The Nimravidae family, sometimes known as false saber-toothed cats, is an extinct family of the mammalian order Carnivora that was endemic to North America, Europe, and Asia. Fossils have been dated from the Middle Eocene through the Early Miocene epochs, spanning approximately 20.2 million years.


Most nimravids had muscular, low-slung, catlike bodies, with shorter legs and tails than are typical of cats. The middle ear of true cats is housed in an external structure called an auditory bulla, which separated by a septum into two chambers. Nimravid remains show ossified bullae with no septum, or no trace at all of the entire bulla. It is assumed they had a cartilaginous housing of the ear mechanism.


In the Miocene, the fossil record suggests that many animals suited for forest or woodland were replaced by grazers suited for living in grasslands, so evidently much of North America and Asia became dominated by savanna. Nimravids disappeared along with the woodlands, but survived in relictual humid forests in Europe to the late Miocene. When conditions ultimately changed there in the late Miocene, the last nimravids disappeared about 9 mya ago.


Subfamily Nimravinae

Genus Dinictis
 D. cyclops
 D. felina
 D. priseus
 D. squalidens
Genus Dinaelurus
 D. crassus
Genus Dinailurictis
Genus Eofelis
 E. edwardsii
 E. giganteus
Genus Nimravus
 N. altidens
 N. brachyops
 N. edwardsi
 N. gomphodus
 N. intermedius
 N. sectator
Genus Pogonodon
 P. eileenae
 P. platycopis 
Genus Quercylurus
 Q. major

Subfamily Hoplophoninae

Genus Eusmilus
 E. cerebralis
Genus Hoplophoneus
 H. dakotensis  
 H. kurteni
 H. mentalis
 H. occidentalis
 H. primaevus
 H. sicarius