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Dn10912-1 400
Madagascar Sucker-footed Bat (Myzopoda aurita)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Chiroptera
Family Myzopodidae
Genus Myzopoda

Myzopoda or sucker-footed bats, is a of bats in the only family Myzopodidae is unique as the only family of bats presently endemic to Madagascar. However, fossil discoveries indicate that the family has an ancient lineage in Africa, extending from the Pleistocene as far back as the late Eocene. Based on nuclear DNA sequence data, Myzopodidae appears to be basal in the Gondwanan superfamily Noctilionoidea, most of whose members are neotropical. The origin and initial diversification of Noctilionoidea may have occurred in Africa prior to their dispersal to Australia and South America, probably via Antarctica. On the basis of fossil and molecular clock evidence, myzopodids are estimated to have split off from the rest of Noctilionoidea about 50 (46 to 57) million years ago.


Madagascar Sucker-footed Bat (Milne-Edwards & A. Grandidier, 1878) (Myzopoda aurita)
Western Sucker-footed Bat (Goodman et al., 2006) (Myzopoda schliemanni)