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Mopsechiniscus franciscae
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Range Antarctica
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Tardigrada
Class Heterotardigrada
Order Echiniscoidea
Family Echiniscidae
Genus Mopsechiniscus
Species Mopsechiniscus franciscae

The Mopsechiniscus franciscae, is a new species of tardigrade native to Antarctica. One of the most resilient species on Earth, it can survive conditions such as extreme temperatures, high pressure, poison, dehydration, radioactivity, and even vacuum, partly due to its ability to go into hibernation when deprived of water. Found in samples of moss growing on gravel along the shore of Victoria Land, the species is a reddish color but appears green after feeding due to being transparent. Males measure a quarter of a millimeter in length, and females are 50 percent larger.