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Cowan's Shrew Tenrec (Microgale cowani)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Afrosoricida
Family Tenrecidae
Genus Microgale

Microgale or shrew tenrecs, is a genus of tenrecs in the Tenrecidae family. There are 22 living species and one known extinct species known from a fossil. Some species have been discovered in the last twenty years.


Short-tailed Shrew Tenrec (G. Grandidier, 1899) (Microgale brevicaudata)
Cowan's Shrew Tenrec (Thomas, 1882) (Microgale cowani)
Dobson's Shrew Tenrec (Thomas, 1884) (Microgale dobsoni)
Drouhard's Shrew Tenrec (G. Grandidier, 1934) (Microgale drouhardi)
Dryad Shrew Tenrec (Jenkins, 1992) (Microgale dryas)
Pale Shrew Tenrec (Jenkins, Raxworthy & Nussbaum, 1997) (Microgale fotsifotsy)
Gracile Shrew Tenrec (Major, 1896) (Microgale gracilis)
Microgale grandidieri (Olson et al., 2009)
Naked-nosed Shrew Tenrec (Jenkins, 1996) (Microgale gymnorhyncha)
Jenkins' Shrew Tenrec (Goodman & Soarimalala, 2004) (Microgale jenkinsae)
Northern Shrew Tenrec (Goodman, Raxworthy, Maminirina & Olson, 2006) (Microgale jobihely)
Lesser Long-tailed Shrew Tenrec (Thomas, 1882) (Microgale longicaudata)
†Microgale macpheei (Goodman, Vasey, and Burney, 2007)
Major's Long-tailed Tenrec (Thomas, 1918) (Microgale majori)
Montane Shrew Tenrec (Goodman & Jenkins, 1998) (Microgale monticola)
Nasolo's Shrew Tenrec (Jenkins & Goodman, 1999) (Microgale nasoloi)
Pygmy Shrew Tenrec (G. Grandidier, 1934) (Microgale parvula)
Greater Long-tailed Shrew Tenrec (Thomas, 1926) (Microgale principula)
Least Shrew Tenrec (Major, 1896) (Microgale principula)
Shrew-toothed Shrew Tenrec (Jenkins, 1993) (Microgale soricoides)
Taiva Shrew Tenrec (Major, 1896) (Microgale taiva)
Talazac's Shrew Tenrec (Major, 1896) (Microgale talazaci)
Thomas's Shrew Tenrec (Major, 1896) (Microgale thomasi)