Macroscelides flavicaudatus
Common Name Namib Round-eared Sengi and Namib Round-eared Elephant Shrew
Range central Namib desert and southern Namibia.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Macroscelidea
Family Macroscelididae
Genus Macroscelides
Species Macroscelides flavicaudatus

The Namib round-eared sengi (Macroscelides flavicaudatus), or Namib round-eared elephant shrew, is a species of elephant shrew in the Macroscelididae family. It is found in the central Namib desert and southern Namibia.

Discovery and Identification

Macroscelides flavicaudatus was first described by Lundholm as Macroscelides proboscideus flavicaudatus, a subspecies of Macroscelides proboscideus. The type specimen had been collected by the Plague Research Laboratory of the South African Institute for Medical Research, "six miles from the mouth of the Omaruru River" in Namibia. It is distinguished by the lighter coloration of its fur. Nine other subspecies of Macroscelides proboscideus had previously been described; while Corbet and Hanks dismissed the variation between these as continuous, they retained Macroscelides proboscideus flavicaudatus.

Upon genetic and morphological analysis, Dumbacher et al. found that the two subspecies were significantly divergent, and proposed elevating both to the rank of species.

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