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A Smilodon fatalis
Estimated Population 0
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
Conservation Status

The Machairodontinae is an extinct subfamily of carnivoran mammals of the family Felidae. They were endemic to North America from the Pleistocene living from about 23 million until about 11,000 years ago.

The Machairodontinae contain many of the extinct predators commonly known as "saber-toothed cats", including the famed genus Smilodon, as well as other cats with only minor increases in the size and length of their maxillary canines. Sometimes, other carnivorous mammals with elongated teeth are also called saber-toothed cats, although they do not belong to the felids. Besides the machairodonts, saber-toothed predators also arose in Nimravidae, Barbourofelidae, Creodonta (Machaeroidinae) and even in a group of sparassodont metatherians.

Machairodonts are divided into two types: dirk-toothed and scimitar-toothed. Dirk-toothed cats had elongated, narrow upper canines and generally had stocky bodies. Scimitar-toothed cats had broader and shorter upper canines and a typically lithe body form with longer legs. The longer-toothed cats often had a bony flange that extended from their lower mandible. However, one genus, Xenosmilus, known only from two fairly complete fossils, broke this mould, possessing both the stout, heavy limbs associated with dirk-toothed cats, and the stout canines of a scimitar-toothed cat.


  • Tribe †Homotherini
 Genus Homotherium
  †Homotherium aethiopicum  
  †Homotherium crenatidens
  †Homotherium crusafonti
  †Homotherium hadarensis
  †Homotherium idahoensis
  †Homotherium ischyrus
  †Homotherium johnstoni
  †Homotherium latidens
  †Homotherium nestianus
  †Homotherium nihowanensis
  †Homotherium sainzelli 
  †Homotherium serum
  †Homotherium ultimum
  †Homotherium venezuelensis
 Genus †Lokotunjailurus
  †L. emageritus
  †L. fanonei
 Genus †Nimravides
  †Nimravides catacopsis
  †Nimravides pedionomus
  †Nimravides hibbardi
  †Nimravides galiani
  †Nimravides thinobates
  †Nimravides nimravidus
 Genus †Xenosmilus
  †Xenosmilus hodsonae
 Genus †Amphimachairodus
  A. giganteus
  A. kurteni
  A. kabir
  • Tribe †Machairodontini
 Genus †Machairodus
  M. aphanistus
  M. robinsoni
 Genus †Miomachairodus
  †M. pseudaeluroides
 Genus †Hemimachairodus
  • Tribe †Metailurini
 Genus †Adelphailurus
  †Adelphailurus kansensis
 Genus †Dinofelis
  †Dinofelis aronoki
  †Dinofelis barlowi
  †Dinofelis cristata
  †Dinofelis darti
  †Dinofelis diastemata
  †Dinofelis paleoonca
  †Dinofelis petteri
  †Dinofelis piveteaui
 Genus †Metailurus
  M. major
  M. minor
  M. mongoliensis
  M. pamiri
  M. boodon
  M. parvulus
 Genus †Pontosmilus
  †Pontosmilus hungaricus
  †Pontosmilus indicus
  †Pontosmilus ogygius
  †Pontosmilus orientalis
  †Pontosmilus schlosseri
 Genus †Stenailurus
  • Tribe †Smilodontini
 Genus †Rhizosmilodon
  †Rhizosmilodon fiteae 
 Genus †Smilodon
  S. populator
  S. fatalis 
  S. gracilis
 Genus †Megantereon
  Megantereon cultridens 
  Megantereon ekidoit 
  Megantereon eurynodon 
  Megantereon falconeri 
  Megantereon gracilis 
  Megantereon hesperus 
  Megantereon inexpectatus 
  Megantereon megantereon 
  Megantereon nihowanensis 
  Megantereon spiryleris 
  Megantereon vakhshensis 
  Megantereon whitei
 Genus †Paramachairodus
  †Paramachairodus ogygia
  †Paramachairodus orientalis