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Leptomeryx skeleton
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family †Leptomerycidae

Leptomerycidae is an extint family of small deer-like artiodactyls from the Artiodactyla order.

Subfamily Leptomericinae[]

Leptomerycinae is an extinct subfamily within the ruminant family Leptomerycidae. It contains three genera which lived in North America during the Middle Eocene to Middle Miocene. Leptomeryx may also have occurred in Asia during the Early Oligocene.Leptomerycinae were primitive and ancient ruminants, resembling small deer or musk deer, although they were more closely related to modern chevrotains. Its diet is stated to be that of a frugivore.



Genus Leptomeryx[]

Leptomeryx is an extinct genus of ruminant of the family Leptomerycidae, endemic to North America during the Eocene through Oligocene 38—24.8 Mya, existing for approximately 13.2 million years. Leptomeryx was named by Leidy (1853). Its type is Leptomeryx evansi. It was assigned to Leptomerycinae by Matthew (1908); to Hypertragulidae by Cook (1934); and to Leptomerycidae by Leidy (1853) and then by Carroll (1988). Leptomeryx was a small deer-like ruminant with somewhat slender body.

Four specimens were examined for body mass.

  • Specimen 1 weighed an estimated: 7.62 kg (17 lb)
  • Specimen 2: 14.7 kg (32 lb)
  • Specimen 3: 6.24 kg (14 lb)
  • Specimen 4: 5.72 kg (13 lb)

Fossil Distribution

  • Titus Canyon, Inyo County, California
  • UNSM Sx-8 (Orella C), Sioux County, Nebraska
  • Anxiety Butte, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Calf Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Toadstool Park, Sioux County, Nebraska
  • Medicine Pole Hills, Bowman County, North Dakota


L. blacki
L. evansi
L. mammifer
L. obliquidens
L. speciosus
L. yoderi