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Labrador Wolf
Labrador Wolf
Range Labrador and Northern Quebec
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Canidae
Genus Canis
Species C. lupus

The Labrador wolf (Canis lupus labradorius) is a subspecies of the gray wolf, (Canis lupus), which is primarily found in Labrador and northern Quebec. It was stated by Peterson in 1966 that the Labrador wolf is "closely related to the extinct Newfoundland race (C. l. beothucus)". The species itself is stable, though it is legally hunted in northern Canada for its pelt through a regulated system.



The species generally weighs around 30 kg (66 lb), approximate to the average weight of most wolf species. Its coat is described as a pale light gray, tending toward white, though it can also be a "dark grizzly grey".

Dietary Habits[]

The Labrador wolf preys primarily on white-tailed deer and caribou. There have been very few reports of Labrador wolf attacks on livestock, such as cattle or sheep.


Because of over-hunting in the early 1900s, the frequency of the Labrador wolf being spotted was considerably low up through the 1950s. Around that time period, the caribou population began to increase at a steady rate, which then correlated with an increase in the wolf population. However, the increase in number of the Labrador wolf was not enough to offset the continuing rise in caribou in the region, causing a reconsideration of the predation limitation hypothesis.

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, there were several confirmed and unconfirmed sightings of the Labrador wolf on the island of Newfoundland which was surprising since the native wolf was hunted to extinction. In March 2012, a hunter shot and killed a large canine on the Bonavista Peninsula, thinking it to be a coyote; genetic testing found it to be a Labrador wolf. In July 2012, a video posted on Youtube showed a canine which exhibited nearly all characteristics of a wolf. The video was taken in Clode Sound, Terra Nova National Park, and was captured using a motion-sensitive trail camera set up as part of a joint research project on coastal river otters. On 23 August 2012, the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation published the results of genetic testing of a large canine trapped on the Baie Verte Peninsula in 2009, confirming that this animal was also a Labrador wolf.

Conservation Status[]

The Labrador wolf is listed as Endangered.