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King Colobus
Colobus polykomos
Common Name Western Black-and-White Colobus
Range Gambia and Côte d'Ivoire within Africa.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Primates
Family Cercopithecidae
Genus Colobus
Species Colobus polykomos
Conservation Status

The King colobus (Colobus polykomos), also known as the Western black-and-white colobus, is a species of black-and-white colobus of the Cercopithecidae family, found in lowland and mountain rain forests in a region stretching between Gambia and Côte d'Ivoire within Africa. It eats mainly leaves, but also fruits and flowers. Though it is arboreal, it eats primarily on the ground. It lives in small groups consisting of 3 to 4 females and 1 to 3 males, plus their young. These groups maintain distance from one another through territorial calling.

The king colobus can be distinguished from other members of the Colobus genus by the placement of its white markings. The king colobus has white only on its whiskers, chest, and tail, and its tail is not covered by a tuft.