Jamaican Fruit Bat


The Jamaican Fruit Bat (also known as the Mexican Fruit bat) has grey-brown fur and whitish facial stripes. It has a fleshy nose resembling a leaf however it is currently unknown what it's purpose really is. It has a short, broad snout and surprisingly does not have a tail.


They like to feed on figs; sucking out the juice and spitting out the pulp. Depending on the seasonal availability of food, its diet may also contain nectar, pollen, leaves, and rarely, a few insects. They have reportedly damaged crops of cultivated fruit. To find fruit-bearing trees, the Jamaican fruit bat hones in on the specific scent of ripe fruit. At night, dozens and sometimes hundreds of bats may visit a single tree. The bats first circle the tree, then approach a selected fruit and take it in flight or in a brief landing. Some Jamaican fruit bats fly up to 10–15 km (6–9 miles) every night between their day roost and their feeding sites.

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