Black Backed Jackal

Jackals are canines that are more closely related to wolves and coyotes rather than foxes. There are 3 subspecies all of which are common. The 3 subspecies are the golden, black backed, and side striped jackal. The Golden jackal has the most wolflike behavior. The Black backed jackal is the most predatory of the 3 while the Side Striped Jackal is the most omnivourus. The Black backed and the Side striped jackals are only found in Africa while the Golden is found in Africa, Middle east and Asia. The diet of the Golden Jackal consists of animals to the size of a grasshopper to a small antelope. They will also dine on fruit and crops. The diet of the Black Backed jackal consists of mice to baby gazelles. They will however eat berries if nothing else is available. The Side Striped jackal's diet consists of micelike rodents to very small antelopes. However they are more likely to dine on various types of fruits and vegetables. All three species are very oppurtunistic and will eat whatever they find. They all mate for life and normally hunt in pairs. However in the cases of the Golden and Black Backed Jackals they hunt in groups which allows them to catch bigger quarry. Adults normally take a den that has already been vacated by its previous owners and this is where they normally keep their pups. Pups may choose to stay with the family (Forming a pack) or going it alone and trying to find their own mates. The average life span of all three of these jackals ranges from 10 years to 15 years old.

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