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Restoration Hemicyon
Restoration of Hemicyon
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family †Hemicyonidae

Hemicyonidae is an extinct family of Bear-like carnivoran living in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia during the Oligocene through Miocene epochs 33.9–5.3 Ma, existing for approximately 28.6 million years.


They were about 1.50 m (5 ft) long, 70 centimetres (28 inches) tall, with somewhat Tiger-like proportions and Dog-like teeth, weighing as much as 69 kg (150 lb).Hemicyonids are widely accepted to have been hypercarnivorous and highly predaceous. They walked on their toes with long metapodials. In these respects they were similar to dogs and unlike modern bears, which are plantigrade with short metapodials. This suggests that hemicyonids must have been active hunters and good runners, and presumably hunted on the plains, possibly in packs. Note that the hemicyonids are easily confused with the related and often similar-looking "bear-dogs" of the family Amphicyonidae.


Genus Adelpharctos
Genus Agriotherium
 A. africanum
 A. inexpectans
 A. schneideri
 A. sivalensis
Genus Dinocyon
 D. thenardi
Genus Hemicyon
 H. barbouri
 H. californicus
 H. cf. stehlini
 H. gargan
 H. goeriachensis
 H. hareni
 H. sansaniensis
 H. mayorali
 H. stehlini
 H. teilhardi
 H. ursinus
 H. youngi
Genus Phoberocyon
 P. hispanicus
 P. dehmi
 P. aurelianensis
 P. youngi
 P. johnhenryi
 P. huerzeleri
Genus Plithocyon
 P. antunesi 
 P. armagnacensis 
 P. barstowensis 
 P. bruneti
 P. conquense
 P. ursinus
Genus Zaragocyon
 Z. daamsi