Restoration of Gobiatherium major
Range Mid Eocene of Mongolia
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Dinocerata
Family Uintatheriidae
Genus Gobiatherium
Species G. major
G. mirificum
G. monolobotum
Conservation Status

The Gobiatherium (meaning "Beast of the Gobi Desert") was one of the last Uintatheres, from the Mid Eocene of Mongolia. Unlike its North American cousins, Uintatherium or Eobasileus, Gobiatherium lacked knob-like horns, or even fang-like tusks. Instead, it had enlarged cheekbones and an almost spherical snout. Because of the noticeable lack of many diagnostic uintathere features (the horns and tusks), the genus is placed within its own subfamily, "Gobiatheriinae," though some experts prefer to rank it as the family "Gobiatheriidae". Prodinoceras

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