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Giant Warty Squid
Range Antarctica
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Mollusca
Class Cephalopoda
Order Teuthida
Family Onychoteuthidae
Genus Kondakovia
Species K. longimana

The Giant warty squid, or Longarm octopus squid, (Kondakovia Longimana), is a large species of hooked squid. It attains a mantle length of at least 85 cm and probably over 1.15 m. The complete specimen of this species, measuring 2.3 m in total length, was found in Antarctica in 2000. Sleeper sharks and porbeagles are among sharks known to prey upon giant warty squids, accounting for 21% and 19% of the cephalopod biomass consumed by each shark, respectively.


Giant warty squid is characterised by the presence of 33 hooks and marginal suckers throughout the tentacular club during subadult years. The gladius of this species is not visible beneath the skin in the dorsal midline. K. longimana possesses three occipital folds


Giant warty squid occurs in epipelagic and mesopelagic waters of the Southern Ocean. Its range may be circumpolar and stretch as far north as South Georgia and the Tasman Sea. The type material of this species, consisting of three specimens caught at the surface and a depth of 50 m, was collected just north of the South Orkney Islands and is deposited at the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University.