Geoffroy's cat has golden fur with black spots and bands on the cheeks, head, and neck as well as on the tail and legs. The golden fur is often more gray in cats from the south. The underbelly is cream or white, and the backs of it's ears are black wit-

h white spots. Black cats are common.

Diet and Habitat

They live in southern South America in savannah, forest, shrubland, and grassland. Their diet consists mostly of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, wild guinea pigs, rodents, hares, and small agoutis.

Lifespan and Behavior

They live about 14 years. Their current population trend is stable. They are solitary and nocturnal, though they are awake sometimes during the day.

Other Information

Geoffroy's cat is threatened by housing and development, agriculture and aquaculture, roads and railroads, hunting, invasive species and diseases, and climate change and other severe weather. Humans kill them to make clothing and accessories.


It is the most common wild cat in South America.


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