Emperor Shrimp
800px-Periclimenes imperator (Emperor shrimp) on Bohadschia argus (Sea cucumber)
A Emperor shrimp on a leopard sea cucumber.
Range Indo-Pacific
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Malacostraca
Order Decapoda
Family Palaemonidae
Genus Periclimenes
Species P. imperator

The Emperor shrimp, (Periclimenes imperator), is a species of shrimp with a wide distribution across the Indo-Pacific. It lives commensally on a number of hosts, including the sea slug, Hexabranchus. A. J. Bruce first described it in 1967 based on eight specimens ranging from 4 millimetres (0.16 in) to 7.6 millimetres (0.30 in), and found Periclimenes rex to be its best resemblance.

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