The Echoraptor is a genus from the Raptortarius family. It was a carnivorous dinosaur of the early Jurassic and Triassic periods.

Common Name Raptordon
Range Used to be in the early Jurassic - Triassic periods
Estimated Population 0
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Dinosauria
Order Unknown
Family Raptortarius
Genus Echoraptor
Species Raptor Dinosaur
Conservation Status


The Echoraptor had a thin, long tail and slender legs and very long arms that were used to catch prey before their extinction. The Echoraptors lived around 190 million years ago. It was about five meters long and weighed around 450 pounds. Studies by dinosaur expert and biologist Frank Cartmen show no indication that the female Echoraptor looked different from the male Echoraptor but says nothing about crest variation. The first skeleton of the Echoraptor was discovered in 1956 in the state of Florida.


The carnivorous predator would eat small birds, lizards, insects, and plants. It would also defend itself from any danger, such as other Echoraptors or even bigger dinosaurs such as the Allosaurus. But, some studies show that for some reason, it would commonly team up with the Earthodon, even though the Earthodon is a herbivorous dinosaur.

It was also very aggressive towards its family, and would often attract, alert, or warn other species with a loud hiss.



  • The Echoraptor has teamed up with herbivorous beings before.
  • The Endoraptor from Jurassic World II: Fallen Kingdom sounds a lot like the Echoraptor.
  • Echo from Jurassic World I may have been based off of the Echoraptor.
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