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Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Sirenia
Family Dugongidae

Dugongidae is a family in the order of Sirenia.

The family has one surviving species, the dugong, one recently extinct species, the steller's sea cow, and a number of extinct genera known from the fossil record.


Family Dugongidae
Genus †AnisosirenAnisosiren pannonica
  Genus †IndosirenIndosiren javanensisIndosiren koeningswaldi
  Genus †MiodugongMiodugong brevicranius
  Genus †ParalitheriumParalitherium tarkanyense
  Genus †ProhalicoreProhalicore dubaleni
  Genus †SirenavusSirenavus hungaricus
Subfamily Dugonginae
Genus †BharatisirenBharatisiren indica
 Genus †DioplotheriumDioplotherium allisoniDioplotherium manigaulti
  Genus Dugong
   Dugong, Dugong dugon
  Genus †NanosirenNanosiren garciaeNanosiren sanchezi
  Genus †RytiodusRytiodus capgrandi
  Genus †XenosirenXenosiren yucateca

Subfamily †Halitheriinae[]

Genus †Caribosiren

Caribosiren turneri

Genus †Eosiren

Eosiren abeliEosiren imentiEosiren libycaEosiren stromeri

Genus †Eotheroides

Eotheroides aegyptiacumEotheroides babiaeEotheroides majusEotheroides waghapadarensis

Genus †Halitherium

Halitherium alleniHalitherium antillenseHalitherium christoliiHalitherium schinziiHalitherium taulannense

Genus †Metaxytherium

Metaxytherium aquitaniaeMetaxytherium arctoditesMetaxytherium colliniiMetaxytherium crataegenseMetaxytherium floridanumMetaxytherium krahuletziMetaxytherium lovisatiMetaxytherium mediumMetaxytherium riveroiMetaxytherium serresiiMetaxytherium subapenninum

Genus †Prototherium

Prototherium intermediumPrototherium veronense

Genus †Thalattosiren

Thalattosiren petersi

Subfamily †Halitheriinae[]

Genus †Dusisiren

Dusisiren dewanaDusisiren jordaniDusisiren reinharti

Genus †Hydrodamalis

Hydrodamalis cuestaeSteller's Sea Cow, Hydrodamalis gigas