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Armenian Birch Mouse
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Dipodidae
Genus Sicista

The Dipodidae, or dipodids, are a family of rodents found across the northern hemisphere. This family includes over 50 species among the 16 genera. They include the jerboas, jumping mice, and birch mice. Different species are found in grassland, deserts, and forests. They are all capable of saltation (jumping while in a bipedal stance), a feature that is most highly evolved in the desert-dwelling jerboas.


Subfamily Sicistinae, Birch mice[]

Genus Sicista

Armenian Birch Mouse, Sicista armenica
Northern Birch Mouse, Sicista betulina
Caucasian Birch Mouse, Sicista caucasica
Long-tailed Birch Mouse, Sicista caudata
Chinese Birch Mouse, Sicista concolor
Kazbeg Birch Mouse, Sicista kazbegica
Kluchor Birch Mouse, Sicista kluchorica
Altai Birch Mouse, Sicista napaea
Gray Birch Mouse, Sicista pseudonapaea
Severtzov's Birch Mouse, Sicista severtzovi
Strand's Birch Mouse, Sicista strandi
Southern Birch Mouse, Sicista subtilis
Long-tailed Birch Mouse, Sicista tianshanica

Subfamily Zapodinae, Jumping mice[]

Genus Eozapus

Chinese Jumping Mouse, Eozapus setchuanus

Genus Napaeozapus

Woodland Jumping Mouse, Napaeozapus insignis

Genus Zapus

Meadow Jumping Mouse, Zapus hudsonius
Western Jumping Mouse, Zapus princeps
Pacific Jumping Mouse, Zapus trinotatus

Subfamily Allactaginae[]

Genus Allactaga

Small Five-toed Jerboa, Allactaga elater
Iranian Jerboa, Allactaga firouzi
Hotson's Jerboa, Allactaga hotsoni
Great Jerboa, Allactaga major
Severtzov's Jerboa, Allactaga severtzovi
Vinogradov's Jerboa, Allactaga vinogradovi

Subfamily Dipodinae[]

Tribe Dipodini[]

Genus Dipus

Northern Three-toed Jerboa, Dipus sagitta

Genus Eremodipus

Lichtenstein's Jerboa, Eremodipus lichtensteini

Genus Jaculus

Blanford's Jerboa, Jaculus blanfordi
Lesser Egyptian Jerboa, Jaculus jaculus
Greater Egyptian Jerboa, Jaculus orientalis
Greatest Egyptian Jerboa, Jaculus bishoylus

Genus Stylodipus

Andrews's Three-toed Jerboa, Stylodipus andrewsi
Mongolian Three-toed Jerboa, Stylodipus sungorus
Thick-tailed Three-toed Jerboa, Stylodipus telum

Tribe Paradipodini[]

Genus Paradipus

Comb-toed Jerboa, Paradipus ctenodactylus

Subfamily Euchoreutinae[]

Genus Euchoreutes

Long-eared Jerboa, Euchoreutes naso