DP Daspletosaurus

Daspletosaurus as shown in Dinosaur Planet.

Period:Late Cretaceous 78-73

Range:Alberta to Montana

Length:30-37 feet

Name meaning:Frightful lizard


Daspletosaurus is similar in size to Gorgosaurus, just slower and slightly more powerful. It had a shorter skull like T. rex. Although slightly smaller, Daspletosaurus had a more stronger built than Tyrannosaurus rex. But T. rex has a stronger bite.


Daspletosaurus are tyrannosaurs, they have a strong built and hunted the slow moving horned dinosaurs like Centrosaurus. As the Centrosaurus or other dinosaurs take a migration, the Daspletosaurus wait in a certain area for them to cross over, and then Daspletosaurus attacks. Daspletosaurus possibly hunted in a pack, or more specifically, a family. Daspletosaurus had larger teeth than Tyrannosaurus. It was found in 1970, and was very similar to T. rex.

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