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Darien Stubfoot Toad
Atelopus certus calling male edit
Common Name Toad Mountain Harlequin Frog
Range Panama
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Amphibia
Order Anura
Family Bufonidae
Genus Atelopus
Species Atelopus certus
Conservation Status
Critically Endangered

The Darien stubfoot toad or Toad Mountain harlequin frog (Atelopus certus), is a species of toad in the Bufonidae family. It is endemic to Panama.

Geographic Range[]

The toad is endemic to the Darien region of eastern Panama, and its type locality is Cerro Sapo (literally "toad mountain").


Its natural habitats are tropical montane and submontane forests. It breeds in forest streams where the tadpoles also develop.

Conservation Status[]

The species is threatened primarily by the advancing wave of chytridiomycosis moving through Central America, and secondarily by habitat loss, although much of its range falls within the Darién National Park, a protected area and world heritage site. Because so many other Atelopus species are in steep declines, this amphibian is seen as a priority species for ex situ conservation. In June 2010, a team of conservation partners working under the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project mounted an expedition to the Darien and brought back a founding population of these frogs to begin an ex situ conservation program at Summit Municipal Park near Panama City. A documentary film about this effort was aired in 2011 on Smithsonian Networks entitled Mission Critical: Amphibian Rescue.