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Animal Database
Range Scotland, possibly USA
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Amphibia
Family Crassigyrinidae
Genus Crassigyrinus
Conservation Status

Crassigyrinus is an extinct genus of tetrapods from the early or middle Carboniferous epoch.


Crassigyrinus had a large head and a long eel-like body. Crassigyrinus species grew to approximately 10 to 13 feet long. They had very small front limbs and even smaller back limbs. Their incredibly small limbs suggest that they were completely aquatic creatures. Their teeth were large and most of them were near the front of the mouth. Their jaws were also abnormally large and they could open their mouths 60 degrees. Crassigyrinus species had a ridge of bone along the dorsal midline of the snout and between the eyes that is theorized to protect their skulls from their strong bite. Their large eyes suggest that they were nocturnal creatures or they lived in murky water.


  • "Crassigyrinus" translates into "thick tadpole".
  • It is thought that Crassigyrinus species hunted by hiding and then surprise attacking their prey.