Common opossum
Conservation status
Current conservation status image
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order ???
Family ???
Genus Didelphis
Species D. marsupialis
Binomial name
Didelphis marsupialis


The common opossum has black fur with a white face and snout. Like most mammals, its eyes are black and beady. It has a long, pink tail that it uses to cling to trees. It has black wiskers and a large pink nose.


The common opossum lives in trees in Deciduous Forests in North America.

Time of Daily Activity

The common opossum is Nocturnal.

Special Features

  • Long pink tail that helps it cling to trees
  • Claws to increase grip
  • Being in the Marsupials group


The common opossum feeds on mostly berries.

Common Opossums In Fiction

  • The opossums from Over The Hedge. One is an adult male and the other is a young female.